A short term training program on Linux, with Ubuntu from
5th - 9th December 2016

This short term training program on Administration and Networking in Linux is organised by Department of Computer Applications and Department of Computer Science and Engineering. It's sponsored by TEQIP II

Although Linux is used by many of us, its real power is seldom realised. To this end we have designed a short term training program titled "Administration and Networking in Linux", with an emphasis on shell scripting, its most appealing feature. Besides we will be exploring all important functionalities of linux, ranging from administration to  networking. We have also included a session on lab management, designed specifically for computer programing labs.

The major objectives include:

> To get aquainted with shell scripting.

> To master network administration using Linux.

> Use linux for administration of computer programing labs.


 Last date of receiving application is on

29th November 2016 

Date of intimation about selection will  be completed by

30th November 2016

Workshop is from

5th - 9th November 2016